Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm with score on YouTube

Disturbances of Circadian Rhythm (2008) for solo flute and Max/MSP is now available on YouTube with the score! Recording with Derek Charke, flute.

Lumière Immobile with score on YouTube

My first composition for flute and electronics from way back in 2004 is now on YouTube with the score.

Raga Cha with score on YouTube

I don't know why it took so long for me to put this score onto YouTube…! But here's the first in my series of flute ensemble works, Raga Cha!

Bathymetric Terrains Update 2

An updated example from Bathymetric Terrains, "Water is …" for multiple flutes and guitars. Eugene Cormier, guitars. Derek Charke, flutes. For more information: http://charke.com/works/bathymetricterrains.htm

2 ECMA nominations for Ex Tempore

Exited to announce that the album Ex Tempore by the Charke~Cormier Duo has garnered 2 ECMA nominations for Classical Recording of the Year, and Classical Composition of the Year (for the work Ex Tempore)!


Purchase the album: Charke~Cormier Duo | Leaf-Music | iTunes | NAXOS | Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Highresaudio

Bathymetric Terrains Update 1

I'm currently working on a new composition for flute, guitar and electronics called Bathymetric Terrains. Bathymetry is the charting of underwater terrains. I can see the Minas Basin from my living room and watch the tides come and go twice a day. It's fascinating to see the topography revealed. This work is for the Charke ~ Cormier Duo and will be finished some time in the spring of 2019. The number of movements is TBD. There will be a soundscape that includes multiple flute and guitar parts, ocean sounds, and other sounds. Some of the work will include live computer processing. I will post updates from time-to-time. Thanks to Arts Nova Scotia for providing funding to support the creation of this work.

For more information use this link: http://charke.com/works/bathymetricterrains.htm

Here is a short teaser from the movement "Water Is …" with just flutes and voice:

New Flute Octet: 3x4

I've created a new flute octet called "3x4". Scores and parts will be available from the Canadian Music Centre soon.

Festive Tunes

Check out some festive tunes with the Charke~Cormier Duo!

New Flute Quartet: 4x5

I've created a new flute quartet called "4x5". Scores and parts will be available from the Canadian Music Centre soon.

Oikos / Ecos at the MINT Conference

Check out a video by Andrew David Terris of Oikos / Ecos featuring Janice Isabel Jackson, singer from the MINT conference that happened a few weeks ago in Halifax. The background video projections are by Lukas Pearse.
MINT 2018 - Derek Charke from Andrew David Terris on Vimeo.

Shadows Leaves Shimmer YouTube

I've created a version of Shadow Leaves Shimmer for 8 multi-tracked bass flutes with a video of trees in my backyard. Shadow Leaves Shimmer is an ambient, minimalist work inspired by watching the shadows of leaves on my studio floor. The score for this work is variable with numerous possibilities for interpretation. The work is for any combination of instruments. In this version you hear variations on a fundamental chord of G7, with the 7ths slightly flat to resemble the harmonic series. The bass flutes perform deep meditative breaths which slowly change character over time. Occasionally the harmony is modified with other chords. This version is a little over one hour. Shadow Leaves Shimmer was commissioned by the UpStream Music Association, Halifax, NS.