Wired Series

This summer I’ve been working on a new group of pieces that I’m calling my “Wired” series. Each work is in three movements. The outer movements are high energy. The first movement tends to be minimalistic. The middle movement uses a walking bass-like line with a disjunct but lyric 'endless' chromatic melody. The last movement tends to be more free-flowing with longer active lines based on variations on a single pentatonic, or other scale with limited pitch material. Outer movements are titled “Wired”, “Wound”, “Released”, or another similar name. The middle movement is always called “and” as it joins the two outer movements. So far there are four works. I suspect I may create more works for this series in the coming months (or years!). Yesterday I finished the fourth work in the series, “Wound and Released” for Bb trumpet and piano.

Current list of works in the “Wired” series:

Wired and Released – FLUTE
Wired and Wound – ALTO SAX
Wound and Released – Bb TRUMPET
Wound and Wired – HORN in F