Title: Bathymetric Terrains
Year Completed: 2019
Duration: 35 mins
Instrumentation: Solo flute (C & bass) (amplified), solo classical guitar (amplified) and computer (running Max/MSP/Jitter).
Optional Instrumentation: 5 additional c/bass flutes (amplified), 5 additional classical guitars (amplified), 2 or more voices (amplified).
Credits: This work was made possible through a grant from Arts Nova Scotia. Composed for the Charke ~ Cormier Duo. Guitar part edited by Eugene Cormier.
Premiere: Sun. Aug 25, 2019 2pm to 3pm, The 21st Century Guitar, Freiman Hall, University of Ottawa, ON

This work is exclusive to the Charke ~ Cormier Duo until further notice.

Bathymetric Terrains is a work that muses on the ecology of oceans and tidal bays. Bathymetry is the measurement of water depths. Bathymetric maps chart the land that is covered by water.

Bathymetric Terrains is an electroacoustic composition for live performance, computer processing and soundscapes. The work includes multiple flute, guitar, and voice parts. The solo flute and solo guitar parts are performed live while all of the additional parts, processing, and soundscapes are projected through a PA system. The additional parts can be played by live performers—an additional 5 flutes/bass flutes, 5 additional guitar parts, and a minimum of 2 voices can be performed live with the two solo parts. All parts are to be amplified.

Max/MSP/Jitter is used to control all events during performance. A MIDI foot controller is necessary for one of the performers to advance events during the performance. Movement 1 includes improvisation for the live performers, movements 2, 4, & 7 include click tracks to coordinate with the videos and the multi-tracked materials. Movements 3 and 5 are fluid, and movement 6 is created using FM/AM synthesis techniques directly in the patch. The setup is optimized for quad playback on four speakers, two in front, and two at the rear of the hall.

For the initial performances, Eugene Cormier has recorded the multiple guitar parts and Derek Charke has recorded the multiple flute parts. Original videos of water have been created from locations around Nova Scotia.

Bathymetric Terrains Max

Screen shot of the Max/MSP patch

bathymetric terrains water is
Screen shot from the video for Water Is …


1. Leaving Earth
2. Bathymetric Terrains
3. Morphing Topographies
4. Water Is …
5. Paths of Submergence
6. Elemental Lines
7. Terra (Non) Firma


Solo flute and bass flute (amplified)
Solo classical guitar (amplified)
Computer running Max/MSP/Jitter
5 additional flute/bass flute parts, 5 additional guitar parts, and 2 voice lines are pre-recorded. Optionally all of these can be performed live.

Basic tech requirements for duo performance:

Computer running Max/MSP/Jitter and suitable audio interface
Quad speaker arrangement (LF RF LR RR)
2 headphones (for monitoring and click)
3 DPA or similar microphones for the flute, bass flute, and guitar
Projector or TV monitor for video projection
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Live performance Sep. 20, 2019
A sample mock-up from "Water Is …" with Derek Charke, flutes and Eugene Cormier, guitars.