Title: Four Lines
Year Completed: 2020
Duration: 6:00 mins
Instrumentation: Flute Quartet (4 C flutes)

Purchase/Rent: https://cmccanada.org/shop/77050/

A minimal and meditative work for flute quartet. Uses some advanced techniques to create an exciting sound world. The latter part of the composition has some aleatoric notation and incorporates overtone playing techniques.


(1) Ordinary. A normal notehead indicates ordinary tone. However, often a combination of ordinary tone and chuffing attacks using "ch" sounds (on the bass flute in particular) should be explored.

(2) Toneless / Chuffing. A triangle notehead indicates a “toneless” attack. Blow across the tone-hole (not into the tone-hole as you normally would) whilst using a harsh "ch", "k", or "t" articulation. For single tonguing use "ch". For double tonguing use "ch k". And for triple tonguing use "ch k t". Feel free to overblow at times capturing some of the harmonics and producing a grittier sound. Experiment with using combinations of "ch k t" for single tongued passages as well.

(3) Aeolian. A diamond notehead indicates aeolian sounds. Produce an airy sound using "sh".

(4) Singing. A square notehead indicates a note to be sung.

(5) Overtones and trills. Stems up indicate the sounding pitches. Overblow (in control) to achieve the harmonics. Secondary trilled pitches will also sound. Stems down, and key charts indicate the fingerings for the tremolo.
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